Changes on the Trust board

Two Trust members have recently been coopted onto the CFCST board, whilst Lawson Dauer has stood down for personal reasons. We want to thank Lawson for his hard work on behalf of the Trust, he’ll be missed. We’ll let the new members introduce themselves, starting with Alison Butcher. As someone who grew up in a…
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December 9, 2020 0

Minutes of December meeting

The meeting was held on December 2 at 8pm over Zoom, with sixteen members present at the busiest point including one from York and another from Colombia. Apologies were received from Jamie Carson and Keith McIntosh A round of introductions followed for everyone on the call Finances: Income Membership 216.00FA cup raffle 40.00Pledges 13.00Donations 67.40Gift…
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December 3, 2020 0

Fan ownership comes to an end at Wrexham FC

As usual, here’s the Trust article from the Curzon Ashton programme for those who haven’t yet seen it, commenting on the change of ownership at Wrexham FC. You will surely have read that Wrexham AFC, one of the oldest clubs in the world, are to be taken over. This would normally be a minor news…
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December 2, 2020 0

Minutes of November 2020 meeting

Apologies were received from Pete Thompson, Chris Blackburn and Keith McIntosh Alison Butcher chaired the meeting in Pete’s absence Financial report Income Membership 495.00Donations 126.00Pledges 13.00Gift aid 16.85 Total 650.85 Expenses Local Giving fees  24.43Rackspace 9.56Travel expenses 44.10 Total 78.09 Bank balance Working account 892.51Fans Ownership Fund 2184.71Unbanked cash 25.00Unpresented cheque -40.00 Total 3062.22 Mark…
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November 7, 2020 0

November members meeting to be held on Zoom

We’ll be meeting over Zoom on Wednesday November 4 at 8pm. Members will receive details on how to join the meeting by email in good time. The meeting in October was well attended, and you can read the minutes of the meeting here If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, please do so online at…
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November 3, 2020 0

Article from Kidderminster programme

Here’s the Trust article from last week’s programme, which we’re publishing here so we can reach any of our members who didn’t read the programme. I’m writing this as I take a quick break from making up membership packs for Chorley FC Supporters Trust (CFCST). Yes, it’s that time of year again, although it doesn’t…
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October 27, 2020 0

Membership milestone hit

We now have over 100 members for the 2020/21 season. If you haven’t yet joined, you can do it now online for just £10 at Like all organisations, this year has brought us some challenges. We usually recruit almost all of our members in person at matches or Trust meetings or events. That’s not…
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October 25, 2020 0

2020 third kit sponsorship

Chorley FC approached us and asked if we would allow them to sell the front of shirt sponsorship package for the third kit. We were happy to agree to this request in order to assist the club, given the context of the massive drop in income caused by closing the ground to supporters. We retain…
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October 20, 2020 0

Minutes of October meeting

For the first time, we met over Zoom. Apologies were received from Lawson Dauer and Jue Vass13 members were present at the start, with a few joining during the meeting FinancesIncome: 664.97 Membership 278.61Donations 76.89Gift Aid 35.37Bike ride 274.10 Expenses: 975.56 Local Giving 96.00Rack Space 9.56Postage stamps 15.60Lynbrook – Golden Goal envelopes 48.00Travel expenses 176.40Pitch…
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October 12, 2020 0

Article from Gloucester programme

Not everyone reads the matchday programme, so this season we’re planning to publish the articles written for the programme after the match. Here’s the first one, from Gloucester. The next one will be after the Kidderminster match. It’s been over six months since the last programme article, and a lot has happened at CFCST in…
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October 12, 2020 0