Chorley Supporters Trust was officially formed in June 2013 at an Extraordinary General Meeting in the social club at Victory Park. This meeting was attended by both members of Chorley Supporters Club and the Magpies Trust where a vote took place to decide whether both supporter run organisations should combine and become one group or to continue as two separate parties.

It was understood that the Magpies Trust would not be able to continue to operate if the merger did not go ahead, this was due to falling membership and members of the board stepping down. For the club’s own benefit, it was vital that Chorley Football Club had a Trust in operation just in case they need to step in at any moment to stop the club from going out of business. This has already proved vital for the likes of AFC Telford and Northwich Victoria. The Trust as it was then had under 20 full members on their books.

During the season of 2012/13, membership for the supporters club increased dramatically to a total of 133. However the amount of active volunteers still remained the same. The supporters clubs main aim was to support the club in any way it could by not handing them directly money for players wages or a transfer fee but to support them in purchasing the odd piece of equipment or sponsoring a game. It was always thought that the two organisations where run in different ways, but now was the time to combine and become the one force to help Chorley Football Club achieve it’s true potential.

Our meetings take place on the first Thursday of every month starting at 8pm in the social club at Victory Park.