AGM 2022 – Chairman’s Statement

AGM 2022 – Chairman’s Statement

July 1, 2022 Latest News 0

Below you can find the entire Chair’s statement from the 2022 AGM which took place on Wednesday at Victory Park.

Summary of the year

So the Chairmans statement.

Well another year has rolled on and I cant quite believe the season is starting again already. On the pitch, it was undoubtedly a good season and to lose at York in the way we did shows how far we have come as a club that we were rightly disappointed.

The highlight of my season was without doubt eating fish and chips under the Angel of the North after winning at Gateshead. Although thrashing Gloucester 9-0 did take some beating.

So its only right I mention a few things:

I know often people question what the trust does and what we full together.

  • Hosted our pledges scheme which is likely to generate £1,000, which we are targeting on spending on improving the fan experience 
  • Held a very successful race night
  • Held a successful Christmas Quiz
  • Have sold Golden Goals at all home games this season. Thanks also to our many sponsors of the Golden Goals including JRK Decorators, Chorley Travel, Bootleggers, Sam’s Barbers, Piri Piri Spice, The Black Horse, Pudsey Precast and many more
  • Held our Grand National Sweepstake
  • Did our annual sponsored walk – this year to AFC Fylde and congratulations to Jue and JP for completing that
  • Pete Thompson, are Supporter Director has regularly represented the trust at home and away games, board meetings and other events, and put forward questions on behalf of the fans
  • Held informal discussions with the club about tackling negativity and working to grow the supporter base moving forward
  • We have held regular monthly meetings, often on Zoom with the challenges of the pandemic. The most notable of these was the two attended by Graham Watkinson, where a huge number of topics were covered in an open and transparent manner 

We have worked on our plans for the future which leads me to onto my next bit.

Our Existing Aims & Objectives are as follows

  • To be the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of Chorley Football Club and to strengthen the bonds between Chorley Football Club and the communities which it serves;
  • To achieve the greatest possible supporter and community and influence in the running and ownership of Chorley Football Club;
  • To promote responsible and constructive community engagement by present and future members of the communities served by Chorley FC Supporters Trust and encourage Chorley Football Club to do the same;
  • To operate democratically, fairly, sustainably, transparently and with financial responsibility and encourage Chorley Football Club to do the same;
  • To be a positive, inclusive and representative organisation, open and accessible to all supporters of Chorley Football Club regardless of their age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious or moral belief.
  • To encourage and support the efforts of the board of directors of Chorley Football Club in their efforts to promote awareness and interest in Chorley Football Club both throughout the community and within local businesses.

Looking toward the Future….

What do we want to be::

  • Actively promote CFCST within the town of Chorley and its surrounding environs to increase name recognition and understanding of its values, current function and activities and future goals
  • Use the above to increase Trust membership significantly
  • Encourage members to consider joining the CFCST board and become involved in the day-to-day running of the Trust decision-making process
  • Encourage members to become actively involved as volunteers in Trust activities, initiatives and involvement in local events to promote CFCST
  • Increase revenue streams by actively continuing and increasing current methods of raising income, such as quiz nights and race nights, and devising, implementing and maintaining new ideas and initiatives for successful fundraising.
  • Increase awareness of our relationship with Chorley FC, in particular, the fact that CFCST is part-owner thereof, holding a 9.5% stake in the club, and has the right to two places on the club’s board of directors
  • Develop our relationship with Chorley FC in a manner which emphasises our active involvement in the management of the club
  • Assist the club with funding for projects which are specifically for the benefit of supporters and the overall fan experience
  • Work with Chorley FC to ensure that, where relevant, communications with fans and the general public via social media and mainstream media are coordinated, informative and positive. This can include joint statements, where appropriate. Further, we believe there are occasions when the Supporters Trust can act as an official ‘mouthpiece’ for both the football club and its supporters, ensuring that any negativity in that relationship is quickly addressed and dispelled.
  • Work with Chorley FC Community Foundation to develop mutually beneficial activities and enterprises to benefit both organisations, Chorley FC and the local community. Again, not as familiar as you are with this. Should we make the additions you suggest?

Hopefully you will help us develop and grow these plans in the next 12 months

So finally a few thank yous

  • Thank you to all the members for attending so many of our meetings especially on zoom. Your patience and input given the technology was great
  • Vermo for his amazing service to the club and we wish him all the best at Buxton for 44 of his 46 games next season
  • To Graham, Ken, Terry, Jonathan and the club for their support and transparency
  • And last but by no means least my fellow trust board directors  for their commitment and hours, many of which are behind the scenes and never seen

So there we go, another year and heres to a successful, healthy happy 12 months ahead

Chris Blackburn
Chorley FC Supporters Trust Chair