MINUTES – October 2021

MINUTES – October 2021

October 25, 2021 Meeting 0

Please find below the minutes from our October meeting which took place at Chorley FC’s Victory Park Social Club.

Chorley FC Supporters Trust Members’ Meeting 6 October 2021

Board Members Present: Chris Blackburn, Pete Thompson, JP Lynch, Alison Butcher, Julian Vass (via zoom)

Members: 7 in room 1 via zoom

Apologies: Stuart Taylor

Welcome: Chris Blackburn welcomed everyone to the meeting

Finances: JP Lynch provided an update on the monthly finances for the trust


Membership £75.00; Pledges £20.00; Donations £160.40; Golden Goal sponsors £150.00; Golden Goal sales £540.00; Race night £240.00.

Total: £1185.40

Expenses: £375.58

Bank Balance: Working Account £1571.14 Fans Ownership Fund £4911.93 Unbanked cash £65.00


Further discussions on what the pledges should go towards. Discussed a raised disabled area to be put the end of the Duke street stand. Would take somewhere between £10,000-£15,000 to fully fund.

With regards to the suggestion last month on upgrades to speakers and bathrooms the club will improve these along with their improvements to floodlights

Membership update:

33 members. Discussion on creating a newsletter to hopefully bring in more members and communicate more with existing members.

Club update with Graham and Zoe:

Welcomed Zoe as the new hospitality Manager.

Working to bring a better experience for both fans and sponsors not able to provide everything they would like to as some people do not feel comfortable being out yet.

Questions raised to Graham and Zoe:

Any plans for a temporary bar as queues are to long?   There are plans to develop new bars at the snack shack.

Will we be allowed to drink in plastic cups on the terraces as other clubs do?  It is a licencing issue that they are hoping to fix. Maybe a law change that will allow it.

Any more segregated games in the pipeline this season?   Probably not unless we get a cup game.

When will red zone be removed?    It is a requirement from the league so will remain until they say so.

What will the club do for sponsors going forward as prices are too high and will we get lost sponsors back?     They have lowered prices and are hoping to bring in different types of sponsorship packages to fit with what sponsors want.

How far are the injured players away from coming back to fitness?        Players are nearly all back to fitness. Andy Halls is the only player who maybe a couple more weeks.

The club have sent Nathan Okome out on loan as he needs a chain of matches under his belt.

Of the two under 21’s squads the younger squad is looking good and there are big hopes from the club for the under 16’s.

Thanks were given to both Graham and Zoe for coming

The trust would like to put on record their thanks to Sue for her hard work over her time working for the club.

Supporter Director Update: Pete had nothing to add to what Graham had discussed.

Player of the Month: The members volunteered the following 4 players to be put to the vote via twitter.  Adam Blakeman, Harvey Smith, Willem Tomlinson, and Billy Whitehouse.

Any other business:

Was asked whether any truth to the Cypriote takeover rumours?    No one at the club knows anything about this.

How much was raised during the Bradford Park Avenue game for Jake Hibbs.   Approximately £2100 was raised.

Asked about whether other teams are putting in offers for certain players?  Yes, some are reasonable, but some are extremely low.

Next meeting: Wednesday 3rd November