Minutes of May 2021 meeting

Minutes of May 2021 meeting

June 1, 2021 Website 0


Neil Walmsley sends his apologies and reports that he will be moving back to the UK in September
Chris Blackburn noted that Neil was part of the successful Chorley Cricket side of the mid-1990s


Pledges 40.00
Donations 57.40
Grand National sweepstake 200.00

Total: £297.40


Rackspace 9.56
Grand National prizes 100.00
Fees deducted 9.61

Total: £119.17

Bank balance

Working account £3191.70
Fans Ownership Fund £3598.93
Cash in hand £25.00
Total £6815.63

Supporter director update

Season ticket sales are going well. Well over 100 have been sold so far. Most are renewals but there are some new buyers as well. There is no early bird price this season.Most people are happy with the pricing (£170 discount on renewals) but some feel that last season’s season ticket holders should get the coming season for free.

Harry Cardwell is under contract for next season, and Chorley FC are retaining and making signings. The clubhouse and ground have had a little bit of improvement work done.

Pre-season friendlies are being lined up at the moment.

AGM preparations are not further advanced.
ACTION: Treasurer JP Lynch to confirm when the accounts will be ready

Once we have pre-season friendly dates, and we know when we will be able to meet indoors, we can pick a date. The meeting will be streamed over Zoom as well as in person

Any other business

Chorley FC have won a prize from the FA Cup Factfile twitter account and Pete has arranged the presentation

Mark Rees: Stuart Taylor has offered to sell football cards on our behalf.
Pete: We need to have a fundraising plan
Golden goal: This is a good opportunity to change it to make it more appealing.

Carole offered to sell them when she is at the game
Can we put the price up?
Can we increase the prize?
Can we still do part of it online?
Can we get it sponsored so the prize is covered?
Carole: it can be hard to sell 90 tickets. Perhaps this is because the prize is not appealing?

ACTION: Jue Vass to ask Stuart Taylor to see if we can get more sponsors
Chris Blackburn suggests selling different amounts of tickets depending on the crowd
If we do part of the draw online, do we mix the draws or keep them separate?

Carole: Thanks to Les and Grenville for the afternoon tea delivery with the Community Foundation. Maureen also said thank you for her tea

Chorley FC has asked if we can raise money for mowers – £600 is required
We have around £1400 in pledges money which has been raised but not yet paid to Chorley FVC, awaiting a suitable ground improvement project. Some of it has been promised for seats, but we could divert some of the funding to mowers if they are more imporant.

Chris Blackburn: We should do something in memory of Nigel Chadwick, a long-standing supporter and mainstay of the club. A charity donation is what we usually do, but perhaps in this case we could do more. Perhaps a plaque where he used to stand? We can consult his family on this.

ACTION: Mark Rees will do that.

ACTION: JP Lynch to make a donation of £50 in Nigel’s memory via Livesey’s funeral directors 

The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting in July