Minutes of April meeting

Minutes of April meeting

May 4, 2021 Website 0

Apologies were received from Neil Walmsley, once again defeated by the time difference.


ACTION: Mark Rees to chase anyone who hasn’t yet paid
£406 paid
£98 owed

We still have £1000 in pledges raised last season

Income for March

Last Man Standing 20.00
Pledges 128.00
Donations 19.40
Walk 20.00
Gift aid 182.05
Easy Fundraising 44.22

Total £413.67


Last Man Standing prize 80.00
Paypal / Local Giving fees 2.24
Rackspace 9.56
Travel expenses 34.30
Tax return  264.00

Total £390.10

Bank balance

Working account 3061.47
Fans Ownership Fund 3550.93
Unbanked cash 25.00

Total funds £6637.40

Supporter director update

Working on the budget, which is hard without firm information on the lockdown plan. 
Smaller stadiums could have 2000/50% capacity which would work well for us if it comes to pass. 
Season tickets – since last season was not even half-played. Refunding everyone would be financially very difficult for the club, despite the cup run income. Opinions were sought on how to approach this.
Discounts and vouchers could be offered as compensation? Discussion was generally in favour of this.
Club is very appreciative of everyone who paid for season tickets without being able to attend and bought streams and wants to reward them, but has to do so in a financially prudent way.
Jue: most supporters will not be shouting for a refund.
Pete: club does not want to presume on people’s goodwill.  
Very unlikely to increase gate price of £15
Ben Kay has become head groundsman at Accrington Stanley
Has been replaced by Stuart, an experienced groundsman
Ian H: full price season ticket holders last season included a benefit for Chorley FCCF, will that be happening again this season?
Discussion on whether Elliott Newby and Harry Cardwell will be transferred permanently to Stockport, and a more general one on the length of player contracts.

AGM preparations are in hand. It will be held in early July
Any Other Business
Jue to run a Grand National sweepstake £5 stake
What should we donate pledges to? We have around £1200 to donate. New seats in the far end of the main stand just over £5000 including VAT. Disabled access to the shop will be considerably more expensive, perhaps £10000
ACTION: Pete to get a list of priority projects from the club

Afternoon teas – 36 gift boxes to be delivered to 10 former players from 1958-70 including Peter Watson. 15 members of Sporting Memories group. 10 from us
To be distributed on Friday 23rd April from 11am with the help of Carole. If we can supply any volunteers it would be great. A number of people came forward
ACTION: Mark Rees to forward details of Friends for you to Keith and Carole 

There was some disquiet about the Player of the Year vote by the club, and that a distinction should be drawn between this award and the annual Supporters Player of the year award, which we have decided not to award this year in view of the fact that fans have not been allowed in and less than half a season has been played