Minutes of March 2021 meeting

Minutes of March 2021 meeting

April 5, 2021 Website 0


Keith McIntosh
Neil Walmsley


£1000 is owed to club for pledges. We need to identify a suitable ground improvement project to fund.
Pete Thompson (Chair and CFC Director) suggested the installation of seats into the main stand?
Improved access to the club shop?
Carole Turner: Prefer the ramp, this was generally agreed

Should we transfer some into the Fan Ownership Fund?
Yes, surplus will be transferred

£2121 income from virtual tickets has been received from Chorley FC, which we are most grateful for.
Mark Rees provided more details of the breakdown and noted that the club is still to organise the promised raffle (EDIT: the raffle has since taken place) and announce the final total sold

Supporter director update

A meeting was in progress with other National League clubs on whether the season could continue
Pete gave a summary of the position of the club in favour of playing on
Discussions are ongoing – possibility of a single league or a North/South split moving some clubs around
Cup run merchandise is still being distributed
Money from cup run is being spent wisely
Tim Charlson – why would the club want to take a loan out to put the club under added financial pressure?
Pete – not too involved with the financial side, but summarised the club’s thinking as follows. Terms are very good – low interest, no repayments for four years and repayments over 20 years. Debts are relatively low at the club.

AGM Preparations
Date in early July suggested and approved. Jue Vass and Alison Butcher to seek election, Mark Rees to step down so secretary’s post will be vacant.
It would be good to stream the AGM even if it is an in-person event.

Elliott Newby has two trophies coming to him, Carole is organising that.
Should we do a player of the season?
Consensus is not to bother with the award this season.

Afternoon tea for members
Some discussion on how to nominate recipients? 
A draw was suggested. It would be wise to restrict this to people in the Chorley area
Jue – perhaps the volunteers for the Derby match?
Eileen – suggests supporting Friends for You with some nominations. It’s a befriending service for lonely people. Seem like worthy recipients
This was approved – Eileen will provide contact