Minutes of January 2021 meeting

Minutes of January 2021 meeting

February 1, 2021 Website 0

The meeting was held on Wednesday January 6 at 8pm over Zoom.
Apologies were received from Neil Hailwood

Finance report


Membership 50.00
Online raffles 91.00
Pledges 69.00
Donations 19.40
Gift aid 9.25

Total 238.65


Raffle prize 15.50
Rackspace 9.56
Paypal / Local Giving fees 16.29

Total 41.35

Bank balance

Working account 1329.02
Fans Ownership Fund 2252.71
Unbanked cash 25.00

Total 3606.73

Membership report

We have 135 members with three joining in the last month

Supporter Director update

Pete Thompson has not been at the club much lately.

Derby are to send a reserve team for the FA Cup tie owing to COVID. The game is still to be televised. Sponsors are in place for Saturday and will be revealed.

The cup run has been lucrative and money is being spent wisely. Money is available to strengthen the team if required – see the Connor Hall signing for evidence of this.

CFCST will not benefit financially from the FA Cup shirt sponsorship beyond the existing arrangement of £1 per shirt sold

Sponsored walk

£680 raised so far
Can we get people to seek sponsorship as individuals? Mark Rees will do this. Jue Vass may try as well. Keith McIntosh thanks us for the support, plans to plug the sponsored walk with Sporting Memories members, Carole Turner to help out with this.

The walk has gained good traction on Twitter, with people regularly tweeting about it. Somewhat less coverage on Facebook

Not everyone is able to pay online, Maureen would like to donate in support

Player of the last three months is Connor Hall with 53% of the Twitter vote

Carole Turner to take care of trophy presentation

Golden Goal is to be launched on Saturday.

Home and away tickets will be sold at £1 each, sponsored by Taylor & Nelson Roofing Ltd. There will be a guaranteed £50 prize. Jue will put the tickets on sale and organise the random allocation of numbers.
The usual 50/50 raffle is also running. Jue will do another fan wall zoom for the Derby County game to help people socialise during the match, details to be announced on social media