Minutes of December meeting

Minutes of December meeting

December 3, 2020 Meeting 0

The meeting was held on December 2 at 8pm over Zoom, with sixteen members present at the busiest point including one from York and another from Colombia.

Apologies were received from Jamie Carson and Keith McIntosh

A round of introductions followed for everyone on the call



Membership 216.00
FA cup raffle 40.00
Pledges 13.00
Donations 67.40
Gift aid 13.77
Returned cheque 40.00

Total 390.17


Rack space 9.56
Paypal / Local Giving fees 13.80
Travel expenses 19.60

Total 42.96

Bank balance

Working account 1141.72
Fans Ownership Fund 2242.71
Unbanked cash 25.00

Total 3409.43

Upcoming expenses are £250 for second prize in the Christmas raffle. We are also holding £720 in pledge money raised last season for grtound improvements. The plan is to put this towards a ramp into the Club Shop for disabled access. Pete Thompson will look into this

Club update
The club shop should be reopened now that the lockdown has ended.

There was a discussion of the poor quality of the Curzon Ashton stream. It was often hard to follow the ball, the commentary was hard to hear and it was difficult to tell the players apart. Many fans commented on this and the club is aware of the problem. The possibility of a refund was discussed. Not everyone wants a refund, so perhaps a code for the next game might be offered and then people can choose whether to use it or not. Pete will recommend this to the board.

Chris Blackburn: Chorley FC is not capitalising on the cup run so far with a lack of merchandise. Are there plans for this? Yes. Jue Vass suggested a pre-order for shirts and pin badges. Can we get the rights for a DVD of the Peterborough match? A few trust members offered to help with getting stock into the online shop. There is a shirt being produced specially for the Derby County game

What is the plan for readmitting fans?

Pete: We have a comprehensive plan for the ground. It is zoned, and people have to stay in their zone once they enter it. The new exit gate into Rangletts Rec is ready to use. There is also a spectators code of conduct which fans will have to sign up to. Tickets will have to be booked in advance. There are posters and signage inside the ground, plus stewarding.
The capacity has been increased thanks to the new crush barriers. We expect around 1200 fans to be allowed in if we are in Tier 2, which is about the average crowd. Watch parties for away games will come back once the COVID restrictions are lifted. Half time draw and golden goal tickets could be done online

Jue is happy to set up a raffle for us every week

Over 1000 tickets sold for the Christmas raffle so far.

Chorley FC will get 20% of the £82000 prize money for the third round if we lose the tie, which is a recent change to the way the prize money is distributed.

Chorley FC are getting £30000/month as a grant from the Government, which with the FA Cup income is covering operational costs. The next batch of funding is loans rather than grants. Hopefully the financial position at the club will be good enough to mean we don’t need to take on more loans.

Sponsored walk
Lots of options were discussed, including a possible walk to Rivington. Raising money is going to be a challenge but we need to do something for our charities – Rosemere and Sporting Memories – as well as our own finances.
Unfortunately COVID restrictions mean walking around the pitch at Victory Park is not going to be possible, and similarly any kind of group walk is also probably out of the question for now.

A virtual walk via Strava was proposed, where people walk alone to cover a specified distance. Hayden Rose will keep working on this.

Membership figures
128 Total
111 Adult
17 Junior