Minutes of November 2020 meeting

Minutes of November 2020 meeting

November 7, 2020 Website 0

Apologies were received from Pete Thompson, Chris Blackburn and Keith McIntosh

Alison Butcher chaired the meeting in Pete’s absence

Financial report


Membership 495.00
Donations 126.00
Pledges 13.00
Gift aid 16.85

Total 650.85


Local Giving fees  24.43
Rackspace 9.56
Travel expenses 44.10

Total 78.09

Bank balance

Working account 892.51
Fans Ownership Fund 2184.71
Unbanked cash 25.00
Unpresented cheque -40.00

Total 3062.22

Mark Rees (MR) pointed out that the likely expenses for this season are around £1800 in audit fees, money owed to the club for pledges from last season, sponsoring the £250 runners up prize for the raffle and other running expenses. The prospect of funding the disabled ramp for the shop was raised and approved.

ACTION: Pete Thompson to find out how much this will cost

Membership report: we have 107 members of whom 13 are juniors

Ed Cookson (EC) asked about the decision not to offer free membership to season ticket holders. MR detailed the costs involved in producing a membership pack and communicating with members (approximately
£4 per person plus £2 for anyone whose email address we do not have) as the main reason not to renew the offer. EC noted that it is important to stay in touch with season ticket holders by email at least.

Selling raffle tickets and joining the black and white draw are the best ways to support the club financially in the short term.

Lawson Dauer: A sponsored walk will be held on January 2, covering about 18 miles around the borough, which is the approximate distance to Fylde’s ground. It will take in the major settlements in the borough. It will culminate with a few laps of the ground to encourage participation from anyone who cannot manage the full walk, and people will also be able to join for shorter sections. The plan is to arrive back in Chorley in good time to watch the match.

Any other business

Carole Turner asked about food bank collections to be promoted by the Trust as we ususally do at this time of year.
ACTION: get in touch with Living Waters to arrange a drop off

The player of the year 2019-20 trophy needs to be presented to Matt Urwin. It could be done on a live stream? Something to arrange for early December at a suitable match.

EC asked how many people buy the live streams and how much the club receives per stream. MR answered with an unverified estimate of £5 after VAT and expenses have been deducted.