Minutes of October meeting

Minutes of October meeting

October 12, 2020 Website 0

For the first time, we met over Zoom.

Apologies were received from Lawson Dauer and Jue Vass
13 members were present at the start, with a few joining during the meeting

Income: 664.97

Membership 278.61
Donations 76.89
Gift Aid 35.37
Bike ride 274.10

Expenses: 975.56

Local Giving 96.00
Rack Space 9.56
Postage stamps 15.60
Lynbrook – Golden Goal envelopes 48.00
Travel expenses 176.40
Pitch side board 480.00
Logo design 150.00

Bank balance

Working account 397.75
Fans Ownership Fund 2106.71
Unbanked cash 25.00
Unpresented cheque -40.00

Total funds: 2489.46

65 including 8 juniors. 14 have joined in the last week
SSL to be added to website to give members more confidence when joining. This will cost a small sum

Club update from Supporter Director Pete Thompson
Our new logo is on the shirt as a result of winning the 200 Club draw
Chorley FC is to make a donation of £1 to the Trust and the Community Foundation per shirt, which was well received.
50 or so were presold
National League clubs will share a government grant of £3m for 3 months, however it is  still unclear what share we will get. The club will work out if there is a shortfall in the budget once we know the size of our grant
We have paid for a pitch side board, which has been cleaned by Carole
Streaming is being set up by the club, maybe not in time for Saturday. It will be free for season ticket holders
There is to be a meeting between the CFCST and Chorley FC boards to discuss how we can better work together.
Jamie Carson: Are Graham and Ken planning to release any of their shares? Are there any conditions on Graham and Ken’s shareholding imposed at the time of transfer?
These are questions we can ask in the joint board meeting
There was widespread backing among those present for our decision to keep the shirt sponsorship
LetFansIn petition has passed 100000 signatures and so the government will have to respond. There seems little prospect of attending matches at Chorley any time soon
Any fans with flags are invited to bring them down to Chorley until 5pm on Friday

Alison Butcher was coopted onto the Trust board until the next Annual General Meeting, at which point she may either stand for election or step down
Proposed Mark Rees
Seconded Pete Thompson
Approved by a show of hands

Online golden goal suggested by Carole Turner. We have a sponsor for the first game. Mark Rees will look into setting this up
It was felt by those present that the majority of money we raise should go into the Fan Ownership Fund
It’s hard to get publicity for any events we organise, but engaging with social media posts (liking, retweeting) really helps with this
Carole Turner proposed a virtual match day to raise funds, for example selling a virtual pie and pint online. It is hard for us to do much with this without being accused of taking revenue off the club, but it remains a good idea and worthy of development.
Carole also proposed a car treasure hunt as a COVID safe activity. This was felt to be a good idea and again just needs someone to develop it.

Next meeting will be Wednesday 4 November at 8pm. Unless COVID-19 has gone away it will be held over Zoom