Article from Gloucester programme

Article from Gloucester programme

October 12, 2020 Website 0

Not everyone reads the matchday programme, so this season we’re planning to publish the articles written for the programme after the match. Here’s the first one, from Gloucester. The next one will be after the Kidderminster match.

It’s been over six months since the last programme article, and a lot has happened at CFCST in that time. It will take a few weeks to get through all the news, so we’ll start with the board members.

Pete Thompson is a supporter director on the Chorley FC board and is also the club’s COVID-19 officer. Pete has an extensive clinical background, including time spent as a nurse, which makes him a very able candidate for this essential role. In August he was elected chair of the Trust after our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and he currently spends a lot of time at the club so you’re quite likely to see him if you stop by the office.

We still have one supporter director position vacant and invite anyone interested to join the Trust at and then get in touch via Since Dave Tindall and then Chris Blackburn stepped down earlier this year, we’ve spoken to a number of candidates for the role. Most have been very impressive, but for a variety of reasons have not been able to commit themselves. However we remain in touch with them all, as it’s always useful to have a pool of talented people to call upon. We generally tend to find that the kind of characteristics which we feel make for a good supporter director – tact, energy, ideas, drive, strong character, confidence and so on – mean the candidates have busy work lives and often have other voluntary roles already.

Going back to the AGM, we welcomed Lawson Dauer to the board. Lawson brings a methodical approach to the board as well as a keen sense of humour and has been a breath of fresh air.At the same time, we said goodbye to a number of board members, all of whom remain Trust members but are taking a less active role due to other commitments.

Secretary Grenville Hartley brought an end to several decades with the Trust and Supporters Club, citing increased voluntary commitments elsewhere. His advice, perspective and expertise will be very hard to replace.Martin Ramsbotham saw a massive increase in work commitments during the pandemic. He always brought a useful perspective from the terraces which was really appreciated by the board.

Vice-chair Chris Blackburn recently began running a firm in Bradford. Chris helped with the purchase of club shares and was on the club board before finally standing down in March 2020.

Chair Dave Tindall has a demanding role with BAE Systems and other voluntary commitments, and given the current economic climate can no longer dedicate the time necessary to chair the trust and move things forward. In his own words: “I have loved the variety of things I have been involved in, not least the sponsored walks and serving on the club board and hopefully we have laid the foundations for good things going forward. Now more than ever with the economic crisis precipitated by the pandemic is an opportunity for supporters to come on board with the Trust and strike a new path for Chorley FC – more accountable, more democratic, more sustainable, more open and more inclusive with fans at the heart of what the club does.”

Andy Hardman also joined the board at the AGM but has since stepped down although again he remains closely involved. In his short time on the Trust board, Andy brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the group. He put together an outstanding history quiz event and worked hard to bring sponsors into the club in his role as a Chorley FC Supporter Director.