Minutes of the September 2020 members’ meeting

Minutes of the September 2020 members’ meeting

September 3, 2020 Meeting 0

12 members attended, plus Graham Watkinson, secretary and part owner of Chorley FC.

Pete Thompson, the new chair, welcomed our new board members: Lawson Dauer and Andy Hardman.

Apologies were received from Dave Perris, Hayden Rose, Eileen and Grenville Hartley and Maureen Wardman.

Treasurer’s report:


Donations / Easy Fundraising93.26



Electric treatment couch320.00
Two piece scoop stretcher495.00
Knapsack sprayer173.82
Zoom quiz prize50.00
Moore & Smalley audit fees924.00


Bank balance

Working account766.34
Fans Ownership Fund2048.71
Unpresented cheque-40.00
Unbanked cash25.00

Total funds2800.05

We have bought a stretcher, treatment table and pitch sprayer for Chorley FC in recent weeks.

A club update was given jointly by Graham Watkinson and Pete Thompson, both directors of Chorley FC

Shirts will be ordered after the shirt sponsor has been chosen at the 200 club draw.
Progress has been made on recruiting a doctor to assist with COVID-19 work. The club is assessing how many supporters will be allowed into matches once the green light is given. There are a number of bodies involved in this process from the government down through the league to the individual clubs. It may turn out that the number is based on a percentage of the ground capacity. The recent work adding crush barriers to the Duke Street end has raised the capacity to over 4000. The work to do this and resurface the car park and Pilling Lane end has been mostly funded by grants. The club is also applying for a grant from the Football Foundation to cover COVID-19 related costs. Some work is likely to be undertaken on improving the closed off area of the main stand, possibly with the assistance of Chorley Council. Relations with the Council have improved considerably in recent weeks.

90 tickets at £10 each will be on sale online for the Stafford Rangers match on Saturday. It’s also possible that fans will be allowed to attend the Buxton away game on Tuesday. Upcoming home fixtures are against Ramsbottom on Saturday 12 September and Stockport on 22 September. Hopefully fans will be admitted to at least one of those games as a test event.

Trust membership: packs are now available and were distributed last night. We have 29 members, 27 of whom are adults.

Going up, Going up Chorley FC souvenir books of the promotion season were offered for sale for at the new price of £5.

Lawson Dauer is to be responsible for the experience of women and families at Chorley and asked for suggestions. This sparked a lively discussion. Rosie Hargreaves, who is autistic, suggested a quiet area for people who do not like shouting and swearing. Alison Butcher then suggested that such an area be accessible for disabled people who may also be intolerant of noise. The mobility scooter provision is next to useless when the matches are segregated as the only accessible toilets are in the away end. There is limited funding available specifically for disabled provision, but it is an area where the club wants to do better. There is likely to be pent up demand from disabled supporters who would attend more frequently if better facilities were available.

Some season ticket holders made a donation to the Community Foundation, and this money will be used to pay for tickets to enhance social inclusion.

The club is looking into providing a control room for stewards with enhanced CCTV coverage of the ground, which would have the benefit of increasing the capacity further.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday October 7 in the Social Club, provided that government regulations permit.