Minutes of Members meeting Saturday August 8

Minutes of Members meeting Saturday August 8

August 26, 2020 Website 0

After the AGM on Saturday August 8, we held a regular members meeting. Here’s a summary of what happened.

Pete Thompson, who has been acting as Supporter Director, gave a club update. Over 200 season tickets have been sold. The season is currently expected to being on October 3 with an FA Cup tie. Crash barriers have been installed at the Duke Street end and the grass banking has been fully fenced off, which will increase the capacity. The estimated capacity with the predicted COVID-19 restrictions is around 750 but this figure is just an estimate. A lot of work is going into planning how to maximise capacity and allow families to sit together, but of course some of the seats will be out of use and it is unlikely that seat reservations will be possible.

Given his extensive clinical background, Pete has been appointed the club’s COIVD-19 officer. Mark Rees asked if a club board meeting was planned, and Pete promised to press for one to be held.

Treasurer JP Lynch presented the updated financial figures, which were little different from the AGM figures because no matches have been held since the financial year end.

Income since 31 Mar £1045.93.
Expenses since 31 Mar £355.50.
Unpaid bills £40 Millington trophies (cheque never cashed)
£50 Community Foundation donation
Unbanked cash £25 Grenville still has.
Working account £2,668.42.
Fans Ownership Fund £1,964.85.

Carole Turner raised the issue of Player of the Year, which has not been voted upon. An online poll was proposed, and Mark Rees suggested awarding it to the player who won the most player of the month awards. This was agreed upon in principle.