A quick update for Trust members

A quick update for Trust members

July 2, 2020 AGM Latest News Member News 0

The CFCST board has been working on preparation of new membership packs and we hope to start sending these out in the very near future. Ahead of that a notification will be issued tomorrow, informing members of changes in the CFCST board and requesting nominations for new Trust directors. We are very keen to have new people join us and some key positions will be available and they need to filled. There will also be a notice regarding the 2020 Annual General Meeting, which this year, for obvious reasons,  is going to be conducted as an ‘online’ event.

As the CFCST director nominated in March to serve pro tem as Acting Director at Chorley FC, I have been going to Victory Park at least twice a week since the strict Covid-19 lock-down ended. I’ve been working with Graham Watkinson and Terry Robinson on preparations to ensure the club is ready for the 2020-21 season in the National League North and was involved in meetings to discuss and set season ticket prices. We put a great deal of thought into prices and tried to ensure they were fair and reasonable, whilst being mindful of the need to bring in sufficient revenue to ensure the club can be competitive in the NLN next season. Now that those prices have been confirmed I may well see some of you at the Victory Park office in the next few weeks.

I will continue to work closely with the club’s owners, CEO and staff until the Trust’s AGM takes place and the CFCST board nominates two of its members to serve as supporter directors at Chorley FC. A formal club board meeting is happening in the very near future and I’ll be in attendance along with Chris Charnley, who was recently co-opted to the CFCST board and has volunteered to temporarily fill the second vacant Trust seat on the club’s board.

Further updates will be provided as regularly as possible and the current Trust directors will continue to meet weekly via teleconference. We are also engaging in monthly joint meetings – online, via ‘Zoom’ – with Chorley FC Community Foundation’s board members, discussing ways in which the two organisations can work together.