Fans’ survey update part 5: the future

Fans’ survey update part 5: the future

May 20, 2020 Website 0

We’re now going to look at the responses to the final question in the survey:

“Any other comments or suggestions on the future direction of Chorley FC and the Supporters’ Trust?” 

Before we start looking at the responses to this question, we note that the way the question is posed makes it hard in some cases to work out whether the response applies to the Club or the Trust. As it is a free text rather than a multiple choice question, it is difficult to identify anything like a majority opinion.

In all, 56 respondents answered this question. We’re also going to look at a couple of answers to one of the other questions: “What improvements do you think we need at Victory Park?” as they seem to relate more to the club than the ground itself.

We’ve decided that the best way to report on this part of the survey is to pick out some quotes from the answers, grouping them at times where they share a common theme.

To begin with, perhaps the most frequently voiced concern was about communication. Here’s a selection of the many quotes on that topic:

“Listen to supporters”
“Better communication from the club about things going on”
“Better comms from the club from On and Off the pitch.”

“More openness required from the club”
“Needs better communication on goings on off & on the field”
“more openness with the supporters from the owners- making people redundant saying they have no money – yet employ a ceo – why get back to supporter basics – they pay the wages”
“Would like to see more communication from the people who are in charge of the club (whoever that is?) it’s unclear who is making the decisions and why.”
“Communication needs to be better”

There were also several calls for a long-term vision:

“Open and honest vision of the directors of the club. Where do they want to take it? Not many clubs at this level, above and below get 1000+ each home game. Chorley FC could easily cope in the lower football leagues with the right backing. I appreciate the investment the directors have made over the years and they should be recognised for that but where do they want to see Chorley FC in 5, 10 or 15 years time?”
“Keep community involved with the club with long term plans in place on how to create more sponsorship deals and attract more fans.”
“We need to begin to start work on the future direction of the club before it’s to late. Start publishing what we need to do.”
“CFC needs to decide how it can survive as a community based club for the long term in a very competitive environment”
“Communication is a must, especially of the plans & vision for the future. If you want the community to be into the concept they need to know what that concept is.”
“I feel we need to be more commercially minded and seek opportunities beyond the established support streans. We have excellent strengths as a local club. Let’s use that local influence to our strength on a larger scale. I would like to see a clear growth and marketing plan for the club over the next 5 years to help sustain the fantastic work so many people put in week in week out.”
“Look for a long term plan for development of young players.”


And the ownership of the club also came up more than once:

“Is there any plan in place for who’ll take over when inevitably Graham and Ken move on”
“The ownership of the Club, involving the Supporters Trust, needs to be resolved quickly. The Council need to be a proactive partner, including making use of low rate public sector borrowing and delivery of services from the new stadium.”
“I was a member of the trust and stand by what it stands for, but I feel it has lost its way somewhat … fan owned is ultimately what I want for the club, if funds where directed at this then I would happily come back on board”
“Supporters Trust needs to be in a position where it has meaningful influence over running of the club. Following the cash injection last year to save the club there hasn’t been anything notable the ST directors on the board of Chorley FC have managed to implement. ST members would be more willing to invest in the club, and the club, if they knew change would be possible.”
“Could the club offer shares to raise revenue, business and individuals”
“Community ownership offers the most stable future for Chorley FC”
“Would like to see the Trust take a controlling shareholding in the club, as I feel the current owners are holding the club back. Must improve communications with the supporters/general public.”
“I’m afraid the future of Chorley FC depends on significant investment to be able to progress, we are crying out to be full time which I understand takes time and a lot of income, the Supporters Trust should make regular contributions to increase their share hold in the football club.”

Along with a recognition that improved facilities are not just for the matchday spectator:

“Need to increase fan base and attract a wider selection of the population in particular female and young people including the young adults which would be achieved through improved facilities at the ground on match days and non match days”

A couple of responses touched on the departure of Chorley FC Women from Victory Park:

“The Supporters Trust should be putting maximum pressure on the football club to get the Women’s team back playing at Victory Park. Chorley is crying out for a modem sporting  hub that can accommodate both teams using 3g or a grass surface.”
“Very upset to see the Women’s team leave, thought the club was growing and wanted to become a community club, this shows the opposite.”

And finally, let’s not forget that some fans are quite happy with the way things are:

“Let’s support Chorley through thick and thin”
“the fans must get behind the club”
“You’re doing the best you can”