Fans Survey update part 4 – Chorley Supporters Trust

Fans Survey update part 4 – Chorley Supporters Trust

May 18, 2020 Website 0

In this section of the survey, we look at fans’ attitudes towards Chorley Supporters Trust. Chorley Supporters Trust is a not-for-profit company set up to help and support Chorley FC. We own 9% of our football club after investing the Fan Ownership Fund in January 2019.

First of all we asked if respondents were members of the Supporters Trust: just over half were. The follow up question was: “Would you be willing to support the Trust through regular monthly donations?” 40% of respondents said they would. At this point we should note that the survey was conducted before the COVID-19 crisis, which will certainly have reduced the amount of spare cash in our fans’ pockets.

There then followed a question about how much people would be prepared to donate per month. 64 people said they would be willing to donate a specific amount (which is more than the 40% who answered yes to the previous question), with 28 willing to pay £1. A further 24 people said they would willingly donate £5, whilst nine would pay £10 and three offered £20 or more. One further respondent stated that they would rather make an annual donation, which they did this year.

This is very encouraging news for the Trust, as it strongly suggests our fanbase is willing to back us with regular donations. Only 53% of respondents identified themselves as Trust members, but a further 11% said they were willing to donate monthly. If all of the respondents were to make good on their offer, that would amount to monthly donations of at least £300. It goes without saying that this would be a major boost to our income.

We understand that now is a difficult time financially for most people. however If anyone would like to start donating now, we use Localgiving . If you are a UK taxpayer, you can opt in for gift aid to boost your donation. Over the past few years we’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds into Chorley FC, funded youth development and the women’s team and raised money for ground improvements. So your money will be directed to worthwhile ventures in support of our club.

The next article will look at the answers to the last question on the survey, which was an open-ended request for comments on the future direction of Chorley FC and Chorley Supporters Trust.