Fans’ survey update part 3: opinions on a new ground

Fans’ survey update part 3: opinions on a new ground

May 11, 2020 Website 0

This is the third in a series of articles on our ongoing fans’ survey. Since we published the first two articles, we’ve had a couple more people take the survey, and it is still open for you to have your say. Just head over to

This time we’re going to look at the responses to the following question:
“If Chorley were to move to a new stadium, please rank the following factors in order of how important they are to you.”

The factors were: 

  • Location
  • 3G pitch
  • Ability to be multi-use to generate non-matchday income
  • Social Club
  • Amenities e.g. snack bar, toilets
  • All seater stadium
  • Car parking


In all 98 people answered this question, but not everyone ranked all seven factors.

Far and away the most important factor turned out to be the location, with 56 respondents ranking it their top priority, and more than two thirds ranking it first or second. It’s not possible to draw any conclusions from this statistic beyond the obvious one that further research needs to be undertaken into why location is  so important, and which locations are seen as acceptable.

The next most important, a long way behind with 20 first preferences, 26 second preferences and 12 third preferences, is the ability to be multi use to generate non-matchday income. This echoes some of the responses given to the question about possible improvements to Victory Park, such as ‘Install most up to date artificial surface and rent the ground out all the time’.

Based on the number of people ranking it in the top three priorities, “Amenities in the ground e.g. snack bar, toilets” came next with two thirds of respondents, followed by the broadly similar concern of the Social Club (one third) and , not far behind with 30 respondents ranking it in their top three: parking.

The remaining two answers: a 3G pitch and an all seater stadium were by some distance the least important factors.

The next article in the series will look at the remaining questions on the survey. Once again, the survey remains open and you can take part here: