Fans’ survey update: Victory Park part 2

Fans’ survey update: Victory Park part 2

April 22, 2020 Website 0

This is the second in a series of articles on our ongoing fans’ survey. Since we published the first summary article, we’ve had a couple more people take the survey, and it is still open for you to have your say. Just head over to

For today’s article we’re going to focus again on the attitude of Chorley supporters towards Victory Park. The respondents so far are pretty evenly split on whether Chorley’s long-term future lies at Victory Park or elsewhere, with just over half of the 97 favouring staying put. Here are a few more quotes from those who suggested improvements at Victory Park, starting with the short and to the point:

“New stadium”
“Move into the 21st century”

To the more wistful:

“as much as I love VP I feel like we need to move to improve our facilities and make it viable for the community. “

and moving on to the more constructive:

“New main stand, new clubhouse roof. Improved toilet facilities.”

“There are plenty of ground improvements that need to take place, the main stand needs replacing, the 1883 stand needs expanding and the Pilling Lane End should be made like the Duke Street End etc“

“…the Silverlake at Eastleigh FC and The Hive at Barnet are both examples of what Chorley fans would hate: soulless stadiums that represent modern football for most. I believe that there is a future for Chorley at Victory Park, but there is yet a way to go before that vision is seen.”

As noted in the previous article, many respondents are realistic about the scale of work involved and the money required, and some responses contain suggestions on how to fund it:

“Stadium upkeep, visually more appealing to sponsors etc”

“Build new stand across from old stand, then demolish old stand and build a new one there, then do the two ends, install most up to date artificial surface and rent the ground out all the time “

The next article will look at attitudes towards a possible ground move. Don’t forget you can still take part at