Trust survey update – part 1

Trust survey update – part 1

April 20, 2020 Website 0

As a Supporters Trust we are committed to representing the views of the fans and we are keen to get your view on what you think the long term vision for Chorley FC should be. So we developed a Fans’ Survey to collect our fans’ opinions on the future direction of the Trust and the Football Club as we plan for 2020 and beyond, in order to help to shape the future vision and strategy.

The survey is still open if you wish to take part. You can find it here:

This is the first in a series of articles looking at the results of the survey. We’ll start with an overview of the people who have filled in the survey thus far.

95 people have responded to the survey at the time of writing. Over half of the respondents were aged between 35 and 54, with a good number of over 65s taking part as well.

Based on their postcodes, 81 out of 95  of the respondents live in the borough of Chorley, and most of the rest live in the surrounding area: within ten miles or so of Victory Park. Just over half of respondents identified themselves as Chorley Supporters Trust members.

Those surveyed were split on the key question of whether Chorley’s long term future lies at Victory Park: 54% were in favour of staying put.

The follow up question relating to  necessary improvements at Victory Park was answered by 71 respondents. Naturally a wide range of suggestions were given, ranging from the easily achievable “Lick of paint here and there” to the more ambitious “Total demolition of the ground and the pitch would possibly be turned before the ground could be rebuilt”.

The desire for improved toilet facilities was a recurrent theme, and the need for work on the main stand was also widely acknowledged. The recurrent vandalism was referenced with calls for better security, and the recent deterioration of the hard standing around the ground was also mentioned by several respondents. Several also called for the Ashby Street side of the ground, where the Ronnie Pilkington stand sits before the unused grass banking, to be opened up for more seating or standing.

There was a theme around generating more revenue and using the stadium for purposes other than first team football, with some interesting and thoughtful responses, including:

“More multi use spaces to drive non-matchday revenue”
“Potentially look into getting a 3g pitch, like Sutton. “
“If the away stand could be extended like the Duke Street supporters stand then extra income could be generated with more away fans”

The next article will focus on some of the later questions in the survey, including one on the possibility of a new stadium.