Sponsored walk to somewhere, sometime

Sponsored walk to somewhere, sometime

March 9, 2020 Charity Fan Ownership Fund 0

UPDATE 20/3/2020

Since the Borehamwood match has now officially been postponed, we need to find a new destination for our sponsored walk. Our chosen local good causes, Rosemere and Sporting Memories, (and indeed CFCST itself)  will still be most grateful for your donations. Of course we appreciate that times are much harder now than when we planned this walk, and people will have a lot less money to spare than usual. Just over £100 has been raised so far, counting Gift Aid, and we will see that this plus any further donations we receive goes to the right places.

We are listening to government health advice before deciding what to do. As such, we are postponing the walk until further notice.

If you want more information, have any good ideas for the walk or some other sponsored event we could do, or feel like joining us for some fresh air in late April, please contact info@cfcst.org or tweet @cfcst

You can see the latest on the walk and sponsor us here: https://localgiving.org/appeal/cfcst-to-borehamwood

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In recent years, we have walked to a nearby away match over the Christmas period. We started off with a couple of seasons walking to Fylde, which is eighteen miles from Victory Park. Then we went to Southport, a trip of twenty miles. Last season saw our furthest walk yet: twenty four miles to FC United’s Broadhurst Park in Moston.

These walks have raised thousands of pounds for the Trust and the local charities we support. We always split the money raised 50/50 with our chosen good causes. In past years we have walked for Derian House, Chorley Help the Homeless, Chorley Women’s Centre, Galloway’s Society for the Blind and Friends for You visiting society.
When it came to choosing the destination for this season’s walk, the first thing we did was to look at the Christmas fixtures. Wrexham is fifty two miles from Chorley. We’d have had to set off on Christmas Eve to get there in time for the match.
So we had to be more imaginative. As the only away match that you can reasonably walk to in a day is Fylde, which was our first away match on a Tuesday evening, we’re going to do something a bit different this season.

Our last match of the season is Borehamwood FC away, which is about 25km from London Euston. So we’re going to take the early train to London and walk up to Borehamwood. We will leave Euston at 9:45, giving us plenty of time to get there with a stop somewhere for lunch. There will be enough time after the match to catch a train back to Chorley.

Full details of the route we plan to take are available here on Strava. Highlights include Regents Park, Camden Lock, Hampstead Heath and passing the Saracens RUFC stadium.

If you’re planning on going to Borehamwood anyway, why not set off a bit earlier and join us on the walk? Get in touch and let us know if you’re interested. We reckon we have three people going so far. The more that take part, the more fun it is and the more money we can raise. The most popular walk we have done so far was the fourteen people who came to Southport. Let’s see if we can beat that.

You can help our walkers to support Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Sporting Memories and Chorley FC Supporters Trust via our LocalGiving fundraising page at https://localgiving.org/appeal/cfcst-to-borehamwood. If you are a taxpayer. please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation. It won’t cost you anything, our good causes will get more money and you might even get a tax rebate!