Pete Thompson to act as temporary supporter director

Pete Thompson to act as temporary supporter director

February 9, 2020 Website 0

Last month we announced that Chorley FC Supporter Director Dave Tindall has stepped down from the board of Chorley Football Club owing to work commitments. We have so far had a few candidates approach us to register an interest in taking Dave’s place, and we would love to hear from anyone else who is interested. Please tweet @cfcst or email

Rather than run a full election process to choose a replacement a few months before our Annual General Meeting in May, we have decided to fill the role on a temporary basis from within the existing board. It is our intention that the two club board seats will always be filled by people serving on the Trust board, and so we are inviting anyone interested to stand for election to the Chorley Supporters Trust board at the AGM. Details of how you can do this will be made available to members over the next few weeks.

Pete Thompson has volunteered to take on this role until the AGM, at which point we will put forward someone who will serve as a long-term replacement . He will attend the next few Chorley FC board meetings as a representative of the Trust.

Here’s an introduction to Pete in his own words:

I have been a director of Chorley FC Supporters Trust since February 2019. An author, freelance journalist and news editor for a community newspaper, I have written about a wide range of subjects, including football: I’m the author of the 2018-19 souvenir promotion book “Going Up, Going Up, Chorley FC”.

Amongst my regular commissions as a self-employed writer is the compilation of occupational question sets for UK and global companies and organisations who provide ongoing training and education for employees. In this role I have completed work for many IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transport and utilities companies, banks, building societies and high street retailers as well as for the NHS and UK Government departments. As an author I have undertaken a number of ‘ghost-writing’ projects and am also regularly commissioned to write speeches for awards ceremonies, formal dinners, weddings etc.

In addition to my writing work I’m director of a company called Community Film, Art & Media which has organised several arts projects in the region and was involved in the making of an award-winning short film. I’m also a member of the NW Inspire Awards team.

My previous experience includes working as an Registered General Nurse for 10 years, primarily in emergency admissions and intensive care units, and for 15 years as a clinical specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, helping with the development of new medicines. I have been a senior manager and director of Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) in the UK, South Asia and South East Asia.

Born in Chorley, I was taken to my first Chorley FC match by my dad when I was three years old. I spent my early childhood in Adlington then subsequently lived in Northern Ireland, Cornwall, Devon and abroad in Singapore, before returning to North West England six years ago. I presently live in Heaton, Bolton.