Dave Tindall steps down as a director of Chorley FC

Dave Tindall steps down as a director of Chorley FC

January 13, 2020 Website 0

Shortly after Christmas Trust chair Dave Tindall decided to step down as a director of Chorley FC. Here is his statement on the matter, which was read out at the January Trust members meeting:

“Unfortunately, due to the pressures of work which have increased over the last few months. I made the difficult decisions to resign as a director of Chorley Football Club and Chorley Sporting Club, effective from January 6.

My professional responsibilities have limited the amount of time I have been able to commit to football club business, and I felt I was unable to do the role the justice it deserves.

I also recognise that by stepping aside this will give the Trust membership the opportunity to put themselves forward as a potential replacement and for them to have a real say in the running of the football club by representing Chorley FC supporters on the board of directors.

I remain as committed as I have ever been to the Supporters Trust and growing our influence within the football club, ensuring the voice of the supporters is heard with the aspiration that Chorley FC is an inclusive, welcoming organisation at the heart of the community.”

Anyone interested in taking over Dave’s role as a Director of Chorley FC representing Chorley Supporters Trust is invited to email info@cfcst.org in the first instance. We’d like to thank Dave for his service on the board. Chris Blackburn, whose efforts we also greatly appreciate, remains as a Chorley FC Director representing Chorley Supporters Trust.