Meet the board – Mark Rees

Meet the board – Mark Rees

September 10, 2018 Website 0

In the spirit of accountability and transparency, we want to tell you about the people who make up the board of Chorley Supporters Trust. This week we’re starting with Mark Rees

Mark has served on the board of the Supporters Trust every year apart from one since it was founded in 2004. He’s in charge of the pledges and membership this season. 

“I have been a software engineer for twenty years. My current job is with the BBC in MediaCity, Manchester, where I’m working on a voice and conversational project for CBeebies using smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home. I’ve worked for a range of blue chip companies, major government departments and multinationals. I did four years at AstraZeneca, the pharmaceuticals giant, working on what was then the largest content management system in the world. I’ve also worked for the Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs on Brexit preparation. 

I often lead software development teams and provide technical architecture advice. I set up and ran a digital transformation project for the Department of Work and Pensions, working with colleagues from different sides of the business and in locations around the UK.  

Whilst I’m an experienced software developer, my most useful skill is to fit straight into a team of people and start contributing immediately. I specialise in short term contract work and typically change jobs about every 9 months. In my line of work I have to deliver value quickly and consistently. It’s very important to build good working relationships with people from a standing start, and this is something I do all the time. 

I run Orange Street Services, a software consulting and public relations business with my wife Catherine. The business has been going for eight years and turns over a six figure sum. I look after the accounts and payroll. You might have seen the name before as we sponsor Chorley FC from time to time.

I’ve supported Chorley since 1990 and have been to hundreds of games, home and away. I generally get to about 25 games a season these days, usually with my daughter Martha. I’ve run the unofficial website since 1999, when it was the club’s only internet presence for several years. Now that is such a strong communications channel, magpiesinspace has been scaled back to be a discussion forum.”