Victory Park: Trust statement

Victory Park: Trust statement

April 29, 2017 Latest News 0

Victory Park

Chorley FC Supporters Trust wish to acknowledge the statement from Chorley Council made on Thursday evening.

We were initially delighted the council would be the new landlords of the club after two decades of ownership by Trevor Hemmings’ Northern Trust Group with no security of tenure. We had though become concerned by the lack of a public announcement when this should be a positive for the club, the town and the borough as a whole.

We fully support the club and its board of directors who continue to work tirelessly as volunteers to deliver a sustainable future for the club. The last few years have been a fantastically successful time for the club who are on the cusp of making the National League, Level 5 football for the first time since 1990. The club has, to our knowledge, asked for no money from the Council nor intends to ask for direct money with regards to ground maintenance.

We note that the council are looking for a series of business plans from the club. Given how football works, it is impossible to plan for the future without the security a long term lease gives the club.

Chorley fans are proud of Victory Park which has been our home since 1920 and it will be packed today (Saturday). Regardless of the current austerity mentioned in the statement, we would like to see the council proactively engage with the club. The security of tenure that comes with a long term assured lease will allow the football club and its supporters to match the ambition showed on the field by developing the facilities off it.

Chorley FC Supporters Trust is committed to supporting both parties in achieving this.