Blank at Telford takes pledges total over £700

Blank at Telford takes pledges total over £700

September 24, 2016 Pledges 0

Clean sheets are always good news – managers love them, prescription goalkeepers love them and they bring in plenty of cash for youth development. A clean sheet is the single highest value pledge – we have 11 different people pledging amounts ranging from £1 to £5 each time the first team keeps a clean sheet. So credit goes to the whole team for a fine defensive effort, especially in the second half with ten men, and cash goes to youth development at Chorley.

The Telford match brought in £33, the second lowest total of the season so far, ahead only of our sole defeat at Darlington. Julien Robb remains the top pledger with £75, making up over 10% of the total £729.50 raised. Much of this is down to our dodgy penalty record, although his pledge of £5 per clean sheet has also raised plenty of cash. Coming up behind him is Dennis Payne with £58 from his pledges of £5 per clean sheet and £1 per goal.

We’d love it if a few more people got involved so we can give even more to the youth setup. And did you know that one pledger will win a season ticket for next season? Tweet @cfcst or email if you want to make a pledge. How about £1 for every goal in the FA Cup? 50p each time we hit the post? You name it, you can pledge it. Every penny goes to youth development, and we’ve already handed over £500.

Up to date spreadsheet with all the pledges for the season so far