Minutes from September open meeting

Minutes from September open meeting

September 14, 2016 Meeting 0

Present-Board Members
David Tindall, online John Paul Lynch, more about John Derbyshire, John S.Derbyshire, D.H.G.Hartley.

Others present
16 members.

Apologies received from
Ryan Modlin, Mark Rees.
In the absence of R. Modlin the meeting was taken by D.Tindall.

Minutes of last meeting
Last meeting was a very short one due to the Meet the Manager Night no formal minutes were taken.

Matters Arising
A member raised the question as to to the purchase of shares in the Football Club referred to by R. Modlin at the last meeting and was given a satisfactory explanation by the acting chairman.

Finance :


Subs 369.00
Golden Goal 414.00
Half Time Draw commision 255.00
Donations and Pledges 267.00
Mechandise 22.00
Gift Aid 14.23
Total 1341.83

Golden Goal prizes 100.00
Magpies Radio 16.00
Match ball sponsorship 204.00
Total 320.00

Working A/C 2024.17

Fans Ownership Fund 12147.17
Total funds 14171.34

Matters arising
The treasurer explained that the Football club still owed us £70.00.
It was proposed and accepted that this money be put towards sponsoring two players.

It was suggested from the floor that the Football Club wished to receive Pledges money as it came in to us and it was proposed and accepted that we present a cheque to the youth Development fund of £500.00.
This was to take place on Tuesday at the Salford match and board member C. Blackburn was to obtain a large presentation cheque for publicity purposes.

J.Derbyshire asked members to get others to sign up to Pledge and reminded them that one lucky pledge member would receive a season ticket for next season in a draw.

J.Derbyshire informed the meeting that last year there were 243 payed up members but thus far this season the total was only 139 and 22 of them were new members.
The aim was to get another 120 plus renewals.
The winning lounge pass went to John Cadman.
And the junior winner, to act as mascot, was Aiden Charnley.

Race Night:-Tickets had now been printed for the race night on Friday 30th September, admission will be £5 with accompanied children free.
To sponsor a horse will be £2.
The buffet and wine has been sponsored.
A second race night has been suggested for February or March 2107.

Christmas Quiz
This is to be held on Wednesday the 7th December at 8.00pm following a short meeting at 7.30pm.
Julian is once again to host the event.

Sponsored Walk to Fylde
Sponsors are required and monies raised will be split 50-50 with a Charity yet to be chosen.

A member inquired as to what events the football club had planned but John Derbyshire was unaware of any.
It was suggested that if the club had not planned a casino night then we should
consider hosting one.

Ten Thousand leaflets had been distributed to various estates with a further fifteen thousand to be sent.
The meeting was informed that publicity had been discussed at the trust board meeting with a view to using local press, radio and non-league magazines.

Player of the Month
The ballot result was for Jason Walker.

Any Other Business

One member suggested that a board be placed explaining the 50-50 draw and it was also suggested that a further explanation as to how pledges worked should be given. There was a need to differentiate between these and the Black and White draw etc.

The meeting was informed that the results of the 50-50 draw were to be displayed on a white board in the entrance to the Social Club.

The question as to why the development squad fixtures were not displayed in the programme was raised and the meeting was informed that all fixtures had not yet been determined by the league.

It was asked when the next FA ground inspection was to take place, with reference to the grass bankings with remarks that the FA had allowed both Salford and Darlington to be promoted despite them having grass bankings. The members were informed by a director present that there was no point in raising the issue with them as FA had made their decision in this matter.

Members were informed that the transfer of the ground to the local authority was no nearer.

Other matters were raised but they were not of a trust nature but were duly noted by the club.

Food bank
This was to be placed at the Harrogate and Stockport matches.

Next meeting
This was scheduled for Wednesday the 5th October.