Meeting minutes June 2016

Meeting minutes June 2016

July 20, 2016 Meeting 0

Apologies received from James Wilson Chris Blackburn, pharm John Paul Lynch and Sheila Brennan

Minutes of April meeting read out. No matters arising.

New board members. Dave Tindall vice chair. Peter Rothwell membership are elected. Chris Blackburn has been appointed by the board to fill the remaining vacancy for one season.

Treasurer’s report

Sundry £50.00
Donations + pledges £276.92
Subs £142.00
Total £468.92
Printing costs AGM £19.50
Drinks AGM £41.95
Trophies £50.00
Audit £624.00
CFC beer festival £200.00
CFC comedy night £80.00
Total £1015.45

(please note that I have not paid for the beer barrels or the comedy night, information pills I have deducted them from the outstanding debtor -see below)

Bank balances as at 30/5/16

Working account (£332.63 + £1263.14)        £1595.77

Fans ownership fund                               £11139.61

Total      £12735.38

This was accepted.

Membership expires 4 June. Members are encouraged to please remind existing and prospective new members. New members need to fill out a form. Existing ones need only confirm their details are unchanged.

Paul Brennan is trying to organize clean up teams for evenings and weekends, please get in touch.
Under 21s team next season. Under 18s also hoping to continue.

We plan to contribute using the pledges scheme to fund this. Raised £1200 last season from 20 pledgers. Plan is to increase this to 50/60 to raise £3000, backed by more promotion. Budget for under 18s and 21s is £15000. Should be self funding and separate – no impact on first team budget. We would be one of several sponsors.Under 21 home games will be on Fridays at Victory Park. bar and food hut open. Looking for a home for under 18s.
This fits in with our community objectives.
Some first team players will be able to play for Under 21s.

Motion carried to divert pledge money to youth setup.

Complaint from the floor about our coverage in the Lancashire Evening Post. We have raised this with the paper and there is little more we can do.

Next meeting Tuesday August 2 7:30 pm in Social Club to coincide with an open training session and Meet the Manager.