Minutes of the Chorley Supporters Trust meeting on Wednesday 6th April 2016

Minutes of the Chorley Supporters Trust meeting on Wednesday 6th April 2016

June 15, 2016 Meeting 0

1. Apologies: Jue Vass.

2. Minutes of the March meeting were read and accepted.

3. Matters arising:

It was confirmed that the CFC Awards evening would be on 30/04 following the CST presentations. Graham Watkinson was to arrange for the return of the POTS award.

4. Treasurer’s report for March 2016


Golden Goal sales 269.00

50/50 draw commission 167.00

Pledges 231.56

Giftaid 17.07

Donations to 200 Club Fan’s ticket 190.00

Merchandise sales (commission) 10.00

Race Night income 965.00

BACS 68.00

Leaflets (advertising income) 575.00

Total 2602.95



Golden Goal prize 75.00

Magpies Live 26.00

Printing costs -leaflets 699.00

Trophies 7.50

200 Club tickets 400.00

Race night expenses 258.00

Total 1465.50


Situation of finances at 25/03/2016

Current a/c Balance last statement

TSB 1213.08 – (699) 514.08

Co-Op 1761.14 +467 2228.14

Total 2742.22

Co-op FAN OWNERSHIP FUND Balance last month 8748.82

Total balance 11491.04 The report was approved.

5. Membership secretary’s report There are 217 full members and 26 junior members-a total of 243. No change.

6. Chairman’s Updates

 The recently announced negotiations to transfer ownership of Victory Park to Chorley Council were continuing and likely to take six to twelve months to reach fruition. There were questions related to the contribution that TJH Group made towards ground upkeep and the shortfall of funds which will occur if and when the transfer takes place. The money is in the region of £20, buy information pills 000 and will continue to be paid up to the proposed transfer. It was noted that some non-league clubs were investing in 3G pitches, hospital which could an option for CFC.

The Annual General Meeting will include a full written report about the Trust’s activities in the last twelve months. It was hoped that as many members as possible would re-new on the night even though their memberships would not expire for several weeks.

 The sponsored bike ride to FCUM had raised in excess of £500, a proportion of which was to be passed to Twincess for them to donate to appropriate charities.

 The Comedy Night (22/04) was being supported by the Trust, offering a subsidy to members who bought tickets.  

7. Player of the month The winner was Sam Ashton.

8. Member’s draw and Mascot’s draw

9. Any other business The next board meeting of CST will be on Monday 25th April at 7.30. The next meeting of CST, the AGM, will be on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 8.00.