Another community owned club in National League North

Another community owned club in National League North

May 19, 2016 Website 0

Our rivals from over the Pennines Bradford Park Avenue are converting to a Community Benefit Society. This makes them the latest club in our division to see community ownership as the best way forward. FC United of Manchester and AFC Telford United have been fan owned for over a decade now, more about and recently promoted 1883 Darlington are following in their footsteps. With other clubs also mulling over the move, salve here’s the reasons why a Community Benefit Society offers a popular and sustainable way of operating a football club.

Protection: an Asset Lock means that anything the club owns cannot be sold to make money which is then taken out of the club. So no individual can profit if the ground is sold, for example

Transparency: with an annual independent audit, the club must keep its financial affairs in good order

Fairness: one member, one vote. Every member owns one equal share in the club

Togetherness: fans and local people feel more of a connection to the club they own

Accountability: an elected board makes directors accountable to fans and makes it easier for enthusiastic new people to get involved

Not for profit: any money the club makes must be reinvested


You can find out more from Supporters Direct, who recommend Community Benefit Societies as the ideal structure for community ownership. About community ownership