You said, we did – Stewarding at VP

You said, we did – Stewarding at VP

November 11, 2015 Latest News Supporters Voice 0

you-said-we-didChorley FC Supporters Trust hold a meeting every month. It offers fans a chance to put their views across, cheapest and this month we had a question about stewarding.

People have been standing and kneeling on the little wall at the front of the main stand, order which is very dangerous not only for them but for the people standing directly beneath. It also blocks the view of spectators sitting in the stand.

We put this to Victory Park’s safety officer Marc Davidson and Chief Steward Paul Metcalfe about this and got a quick and very professional response. Here’s the main points:

“Many thanks for bringing this up with us.  I appreciate the fact that it has been brought to our attention before it becomes a problem.

As you’re no doubt aware, we now have four teams of stewards manning each of the four corners of the ground, headed up by a section ‘leader’ with a radio.  The radios keep communication between the teams, through myself as chief steward on the ground, and Marc as safety officer in the control room.  Between us, we are keeping our eyes on the ground to ensure there are no incidents.

Although we feel the stewarding has improved over time, we always have lessons to learn; the issue which has been brought up about the youths in the main stand being a case in point.  I will ensure that this is brought up with the team who look after the Magpies Nest area, so that they can keep the area clear.  At the end of the day, we are not there just to ‘police’ the game, but to  ensure a safe and pleasant match day experience for everyone at the ground.

Again, many thanks for letting us know about the comments made; it’s good that the club, the Trust and the volunteers can be seen to be listening to feedback and acting on it to ensure we are a professional outfit.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.”

If you ever have an issue with the match day experience or anything else relating to Chorley Football Club or the Trust then please do come and speak with us at Victory Park or send an email to