Grow your Tenner for Chorley Supporters Trust

Grow your Tenner for Chorley Supporters Trust

October 5, 2015 Event Latest News Project 0

LG_LogoChorley FC Supporters Trust is delighted to announce that it will be participating in the Local Giving Grow Your Tenner 2015 Campaign. The scheme, stomach which runs from 13th October 2015 until 18th November 2015 (or when the fund runs out), information pills will match all one off donations made to Chorley FC Supporters Trust pound for pound and all monthly Direct Debit donations of £10 for up to three months.

UK Tax payers can also claim Gift Aid on their donation which means a £10 donation could become a massive £21.67 and this would obviously become £65.01 in three months if Supporters could sign up for a Direct Debit. So, please spread the word among Supporters, friends, family and anyone with an interest in Chorley FC and indeed, the Town in general.

Supporters Trust Chairman Ryan Modlin said: “We have recently become members of the Local Giving scheme and are really pleased we will be able to participate in the Grow Your Tenner campaign. We recently launched our Fan Ownership Fund aimed at putting Chorley Supporters Trust and the wider Chorley Community into a strong position to affect the ownership of our Town’s football club and secure its long term future for generations to come. The people of Chorley now have a fantastic opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Fan Ownership Fund and in turn to Chorley Football Club”.

Chorley FC Supporters Trust Local Giving Page can be found here. From this page you can make one time or Direct Debit donations

Here are some Key Facts about the scheme:

  • Start Date: 13th October 2015 at 10am
  • Ends: when the fund runs out or 18th November at 5pm
  • Amount matched: Up to £10 for one time donations* and up to £10 for Direct Debit donations up to 3 months*(£30 max).
  • Match Funding limit for Direct Debit donations: £9000
  • Match Funding Limit for one time donations: £1000
  • Match Funding limit per donor for one time donations: Five donations (5x£10)
  • Source of Funding: Funding for Grow your tenner 2015 has been provided by a private philanthropist