Meet the Manager

Meet the Manager

August 6, 2015 Event Latest News 0

Latest NewsThe Meet the Manager event tonight in the social club will be covered live by Chorley FC Supporters Trust. Starting at 8pm in the social club at Victory Park will be your chance to ask the new Magpie boss those questions that you have been thinking about all through the pre-season campaign. We are just 2 days away from the big kick off, sickness I’m sure we are all interested with what the new gaffer will have to say to the Chorley faithful.

Originally the event was going to be covered by the Trust on the Twitter feed which is ideal for reading the comments but those who wanted to join in and do not have a Twitter account can do so by visiting our “Live” page by clicking the link below.

Catch all the action from the event live on here.

You can also set yourself a reminder so you don’t miss the start of the evening.