Nicola makes Trust a 200 Club

Nicola makes Trust a 200 Club

July 19, 2015 Latest News Member News 0

Latest NewsOver the course of the summer, page Chorley FC Supporters Trust Membership Secretary Julian has been setting membership targets. First it was 100 before the AGM, which was comfortably achieved. The revised target of 150 was also surpassed. After the AGM member registrations slowed down a little. However that did not stop us from passing the latest target of 200 before the season starts – 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

So it’s thank you, congratulations and welcome to our 200th member, Nicola. Not only has Nicola helped us to reach this notable milestone, but she has also joined a growing list of female members. Last season we had just 18 among our numbers but this season that has jumped to a fantastic 41. Hopefully this will continue to rise.

Instead of the Trust giving you reasons why you should ‘Be Part Of It’, have a look at what Nicola told us when we asked her a few questions.

1) How did you hear about Chorley Supporters Trust?
“I have heard about the supporters trust through social media,  but I didn’t really know much about it until a letter had been dropped off at the Picture Shop where I display some of my artwork – so I then looked at the website.”

2) Do you attend Chorley FC games and if so what first attracted you to Victory Park?
“I have been a few times to matches,  usually the pre season ones  – I was there at the PNE game – but I don’t go as often as I’d like due to work.  I am Chorley born and bred and only live up the road from the ground,  so it’s very handy. ”

3) Who do you go to games with?
“I usually go along with my husband or family”

4) What prompted you to join the Supporters Trust?
“I joined the trust as I liked what I have read, such as getting the ramp put in the club.  Without the supporters there would be no football clubs.  Local clubs need the support of the local town and communities. Also,  I joined that night because I saw the request for member no. 200 on Twitter and I wanted to be it!!”

5) What are your thoughts on the coming season?
“I’m very excited about the coming season,  especially after listening to the play off final on Chorley FM. It’s a shame that Garry has left but I’m sure Matt will do an excellent job as he knows the players and he’ll be coming from the same place as Garry – appointing someone from outside the club would have been more worrying as they may have wanted to make their own mark on the club and could have spoiled the progress that’s been made in recent years.
Come on you Magpies!!!!!!”