Trust gives credit to volunteers

Trust gives credit to volunteers

July 15, 2015 Latest News Project 0

Latest NewsChorley FC Supporters Trust is delighted to announce it has become an official partner of Lancashire Time Credits. The scheme, ampoule which is run by “Spice” in conjunction with Lancashire County Council & Chorley Council, rewards people for giving their time to the community by issuing them with Time Credit vouchers. The vouchers can be spent at a variety of local groups and organisations such as on gym time at All Seasons Leisure Centre, golf at Duxbury Park gold course, Lunch Club at Age UK and, through this new partnership, entry to Chorley FC league games.


Chorley Supporters Trust Chairman, Ryan Modlin said: “The Time Credits scheme is a great way for a community organisation like the Supporters Trust to reach out to the wider Chorley population and encourage them to be part of what we are trying to achieve. Time is the most valuable contribution anyone can make to Chorley Supporters Trust and we’re really pleased to be able to reward people’s time by giving them the opportunity to earn Time Credits.”


Chorley Football Club have also embraced the concept and will be offering admission to league games at The Chorley Group Victory Park Stadium throughout the 2015/16 season in exchange for two Time Credits vouchers. Ryan explained: “Chorley FC offers accessible, family friendly and affordable football at a good standard. With the football club offering admission to league games with Time Credit vouchers it makes attending Chorley FC matches accessible to an even broader spectrum of our community”.


Commenting on the arrangement Stuart Heaton, Partnerships Manager for Lancashire Time Credits said: “We are delighted that Chorley FC have recently joined the Time Credits programme to support volunteering in their local community. Not only will volunteers from the Chorley area now be able to spend their Time Credits at Victory Park to watch every league game, but the volunteers with Chorley Supporters Trust will also be able to earn Time Credits to access the different activities available in England and Wales. We look forward to working with Chorley FC during the new football season and to help raise the profile of the Trust in the local area.”


Opportunities to earn Time Credits with Chorley Supporters Trust are available immediately and will continue throughout the season. Time Credits can be spent on any of the schemes partner offers, not just Chorley FC meaning season ticket holders who wish to volunteer their time can take advantage of earning Time Credits too. Some of the tasks available include match day volunteering:


  • Selling Golden Gamble raffle tickets
  • Marshalling car parking
  • Selling programmes
  • Tending the Supporters Trust information point


Other opportunities will include:


  • Helping with ground maintenance projects
  • Event planning & organisation
  • Distributing leaflets and posters around town


To volunteer your time to Chorley Supporters Trust and start earning Time Credits straight away contact us at For more information on Time Credits including other partners with whom you can spend Time Credits visit their website