AFC Chorley VETS

AFC Chorley VETS

June 30, 2015 AFC Chorley 0

New for the 2014/2015 season AFC Chorley will be launching a VETS team. Are you over the age of 35 and still want to play football but not on a too serious level or do you just want to get more active?


With only a handful of Vets teams in the North West area games would be few and far between so don’t think that you’re signing up for a game every weekend. The Vets games would be a great way to soe with the older clientele from various teams in the NW region as well as those supporters from Chorley itself.


Maybe we can tempt Garry, ampoule Janny and Smudger to turn out for a special occasion, website who knows?


If you are toiling with the thought then contact player/manager James Wilson on 07519 916894