New look website now launched

New look website now launched

June 22, 2015 Website 0

Latest NewsAs we move into a new era for Chorley FC Supporters Trust behind the scenes as a new board has been choosen it was decided it was also time to change the look of the website to incorporate a more modern, prescription clean and easier to read theme.

The website has attracted more than 30,000 hits since it was created just over 2 years ago but we aim to double and even treble that amount. As our easiest way of keeping people updated with Trust news and information it is vitally important that the website is easy to use and has most of the answers which the supporters of Chorley FC are after.

The new look website does not come with fancy features that flash in your face. It’s clean, crisp and easy to navigate. More information about the Trust has been added in order to give you a deeper look into what it is we do and what we are aiming to achieve in the short and long term future.

The front page will give you access to the most important parts of the website with just one click. Information regarding the ‘ringfenced’ account or how to become a member, all of that is just one click away to make it easier for you.

We welcome the supporters team over to the Trust website too as they have been given their own space under our new ‘Projects’ header. Hopefully with a lot of help from the supporters this list will continue to grow past MagpieWatch and AFC Chorley.

There are parts of the website that are still being tweaked slightly so you may spot the odd change here and there. If something doesn’t quite look right or you want to add a suggestion then please contact us.