Run, JP. Run!

Run, JP. Run!

June 9, 2015 Latest News 0

Only little over two weeks to go until some of our board members take on the Lancashire Pennine 10k event taking place in Burnley. Many do not need the preparation and will just easily take on such an event but for our very own Treasurer that is not the case. From one regular board meeting to getting into shape, information pills John-Paul tells the story in his own words.

“How was your meeting last night?” asked the two girls in my office.

“We’ve signed a new player and we are through to the semi final of the Lancashire cup” I replied.

“Oh and by the way I’ve agreed to take part in a 10k run.”

“You’ve agreed to do what JP?” they said with a giggle.

“Paul Brennan says it’s only 6 miles” I replied, “and I did the sponsored walk to Bamber Bridge the other month and that was much further.”

“Yes, but running 10k is much harder than walking it” they said. “Especially as you don’t do any exercise at all.”

“You will be knackered after just 1K.”

JP has ditched the pints in exchange for his running shoes... (Or has he?)

JP has ditched the pints in exchange for his running shoes… Or has he?

That was 5 months ago and I have to admit that the girls were right. I can walk long distances no problem, I’ve done the Morecambe Bay walk for charity, I’ve walked from Chorley FC to Euxton Villa FC and back carrying buckets full of loose change, but I’ve never done any running since school. And even then it was a struggle. I used to finish red faced and out of breath and a long way behind the rest of my class! But that was how I got into this race.

“I need to get fit” a lady who I work with said on a works night out. “And you need to get into training JP.”

“No I don’t” I replied. The race isn’t until the end of June. I will start after my holiday in Devon.

“But that’s in May” she replied. “You need at least three months of training”

So on the first Monday back in March, instead of my usual routine, which involves catching the bus home, putting my feet up as soon as I get in, and watching my daily episode of Bargain Hunt, I find myself running, (well walking very fast actually) through Astley Park, trying to keep up with this lady I work with. Oh and I forgot to mention that she is 60, I am 33! And that was how my training began.


“You shouldn’t be wearing those shoes” my boss said to me when she saw me setting of on a run.

“What’s wrong with my trainers?” I replied.

“They are too flat” she said. “You will damage your feet in them.”


So the next weekend I ended up in the Market Walk shopping for running shoes. The girl in the shop confessed that she doesn’t do any running herself but insisted I buy the pair that she points to first. She sold me a nice pair of black Fila running shoes for just under £30.


Next it was “you shouldn’t be wearing those shorts, they are too tight for running in.”

So I’m off out shopping again, this time for some black running shorts, which seem to attract a lot of attention to my legs when I’m wearing them around the office!

“How far are you running in Astley Park?” was the next question.

“I’ve not got a clue” was my reply. “We go through the playing field, past the duck pond, round the bowling green and back through the woods.”

“That’s no good” I was told. “It’s not even two miles and you have to do six.”

“It’s more than that” I replied. “I will measure it some time.”


So now I own this fancy Garmin watch, that cost me just under £80 from Argos. It tells me how far I am jogging each night, how far I should be jogging each night (don’t ask) plus a load of other random stuff such as how many calories I am burning off. But I must remember to take it off when I brush my teeth because it adds at least a quarter of a mile on each day!

“Why am I doing the race?” I keep getting asked.

“I don’t know yet” is the answer.

Perhaps it’s because I want to lose weight. I’ve lost a fair bit already, according to my work colleagues. Although I still eat too many pizzas and chips for that to be my main aim and I like a pint or three down at the local cricket club!

Perhaps it’s because I want to do something for charity. My Mum works in Derian House and that is who I have decided to run for. They are sending me a T shirt and a fundraising pack as I am writing this. Although I have been waiting for it for 4 weeks now so I had best chase it up!

Perhaps it’s because I want to meet a girl. I was told that there are lots of nice looking girls who go running. Although I seem to spend all my time looking where I am putting my feet and not at who is running towards me. Or past me. Or away from me!

Or perhaps it’s just because I like helping out my local football club. Call me stupid if you want, after all there is only 3 of us doing the event, but whether it is selling half time draw tickets, helping out at a quiz night or counting up money, I am usually one of the first people to volunteer.

And that is where I am up to at the moment. I have asked my Dad to drive me to Burnley next week as this is where the event is taking place. I plan to look at the route while I’m there (hopefully it’s not too hilly) and I will pick up my race number at the same time. Then the main event is on the 28th June. 9.30 start. I am setting off at the back. My target time of 90 minutes is obviously not ambitious enough to get an elite starting place! No doubt I will be being overtaken by 80 year old men, 16 year old girls and people dressed up as giant magpies but who cares. The Burnley cheerleaders and hopefully a few of my friends will be there to encourage me on.

So if you would like to sponsor me, thank you in advance, but if not please wish me luck and I will write again to let you know how I have done after the event, if I’m not too sore that is!

I’m off to do some training now.