Proposed Membership Prices

Proposed Membership Prices

April 10, 2015 Member News 0

Dear members/non-members, medicine

At the open Trust meeting that took place last night I wanted to discuss and confirm the membership prices before the annual subscription date came up at the AGM in June. A lengthy discussion was had at the meeting below I have outlined my reasons behind changing the pricing structure.

Before a decision is made to change the prices it was agreed that we would ask both current and potential members on their opinions.

At present, this web we have the following pricing structure:


  • £10 – Yearly
  • £35 – 5 Years
  • £200 – Life membership

Concession (OAP/Under 16’s)

  • £5 – Yearly
  • £15 – 5 Years
  • £100 – Life membership

The proposed structure would be as follows:

Full Member (Over 16’s) – £10
Junior members (Under 16’s) – £5 (Or £1 if joining with an adult).

Why change the prices?

I have been thinking about this for a while after doing my research amongst other Trust’s that are operated within teams around our playing level. The majority of the Trust’s have the two prices. Their reasons are unknown, but here are mine…

An under 16 cannot cast a vote, nor have shares in the Trust, so should pay less as it is only fair. Those over the age of 16, regardless of whether they are over 65, have all the same voting rights and have an equal share in the Trust, therefore should be equals and pay the same for their membership.

At present the Under 16’s account for only 4% of our current membership which stands at 109. 37% are OAP’s, which leaves 59% as adults. It is my aim to raise the amount of youngsters we have involved with the Trust and to do this we need to give them something to join for. Asking our future Magpies to pay the same price for membership when they do not actually have a say in how the Trust is run, seems unfair.

What do you think?

We are giving you, the supporters, the chance to have your opinion on the matter. If you are over 65, would you begrudge paying that extra £5 a year to see an organisation survive and have a solid backbone should it need to kick into action? I know that I won’t be around forever but I want to ensure that there are youngsters behind me who are heavily involved so when the time comes, the Trust will live on.

Please, cast your vote.

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Voting will close on Tuesday 5th May at 6PM.

Thank you for your time.