Mission accomplished… Or is it?

Mission accomplished… Or is it?

April 3, 2015 Project 0

Just over a month ago Chorley Football Club started the Crowdfunder campaign to secure Victory Park from all the vandalism and break ins it has recently been having. It was a proud moment yesterday when, order with 3 weeks still left to go, the target was reached and the funding is now open to the football club. This means that the long awaited security system shall be put in place to hopefully stop these malicious attacks from happening.

However, the mission does not stop there. Now the funding for the security has been achieved the next target opens up. Chorley Football Club have been warned by officials that the Duke Street Stand MUST be removed at the end of this current season, a task which will cost in the region of £50,000. Long story short, the donations must not stop. If we are to progress either in this league or further up the pyramid then this project must be completed.

The next target announced on the crowdfunding campaign is £15,000. If this target is met then a whole new stream of funding is opened up to the Chorley FC board of directors. Let’s keep going behind this campaign and ensure that our community club can continue to grow.

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