Stamp out the vandalism

Stamp out the vandalism

February 27, 2015 Latest News Project 0

Over the last 12 months our home at Victory Park has been targeted no less than seven times by criminals. Ranging from small damage to theft all incidents cost the club valuable money and time to put right what these mindless people have done wrong.

The latest taking place over night on Sunday when The Magpies Nest was broken into via the door and trashed. It was first thought that the popular match day snack bar was going to be closed for Tuesday’s visit of Oxford but through hard work and determination from the Chorley board of directors, advice normal service was had.

Three weeks before this, sales The Magpies Nest was given MagpieNestVandal01it’s very own skylight when the criminals made their way into the snack bar through the roof before taking confectionary and making a mess.

After this break in, the popular Facebook group, Chorley Then And Now voiced their opinions and it was clear the town are angry at whoever is constantly trying to harm the club that is putting our town on the footballing map once more.

Many contributors have put their hands up and are willing to donate towards a new security system at Victory Park which is a superb effort. However before a new system is introduced, the clean up operation begins. According to the article in the LEP, the cost to fix the roof on The Magpies Nest alone is £3,500.

Whilst we cannot simply dip our hands into our pockets and pay for this damage, we can bring the cost towards the club down dramatically by chipping away at the total sum needed. At Tuesday’s home game against Oxford we handed over £27 out of the Black & White change box and an anonymous donor handed over £100 to Chorley FC Director, Graham Watkinson.

We will continue to have the Black & White box outside the social club and whatever is counted at the end of the game will be handed straight over. All donations are welcome and if you would prefer to hand donations over then please do so to either a Trust board member or a Chorley FC Board member. We will update you on a running total.

The Trust will work alongside the football club in a bid to stamp out the vandalism.