Victory Park Improvements (Part 2)

Victory Park Improvements (Part 2)

January 25, 2015 Project 0

With the redevelopment of Ranglett’s Rec currently on going we asked supporters what they thought should be improved at our Victory Park home in order to enhance the current match day experience. Many suggestions came in and we managed to get some quotes which made interesting reading.

Over the years the Trust have played an active role in improving the experience at the Chorley Group Victory Park Stadium by purchasing the PA system and funding for the disabled access ramp into the social club. During the Christmas period many games fell foul to the weather and it has been noted by supporters that our playing style is determined by the state of the surface we play on. Baring that in mind improving the pitch would be the next step.

On the ‘Development of Victory Park’ thread on Magpies In Space there has been a poll added and the choices have come from what supporters have suggested.

Once again, sickness the information gathered from the poll will only be used for data collection and a final decision will be made at one of our meetings in the future.