Victory Park Improvements – Have Your Say

Victory Park Improvements – Have Your Say

January 21, 2015 Project 0

Chorley Borough Council recently started the development of Rangletts Rec which is adjacent to our Victory Park home. Many supporters have voiced their opinions on the redevelopment of the area and they are wondering whether it is viable for the clubs future to stay where we are or move to a new location. The bottom line is Chorley Football Club at present whilst the club have no debts, this they cannot afford to relocate anywhere in the area which would match the needs and give us the same catchment area that we currently have.

Victory Park is often seen by many visiting supporters, this web officials, players and even ground hoppers as the “typical non-league ground”, one hopper in particular has said that it is a “retro icon of Non-League football”. We sure do not want to lose the appeal the place has on those people but we all know that sometimes it is for the best to either change or move on.

As you will be aware, we want to be part of all things at Chorley FC and a big part of what we do is to improve the experience for the fans. In recent years we have funded for the PA System and more recently the disabled access ramp into the social club. We are asking you, the supporters, what you think needs to happen around Victory Park in terms of development and we believe that it is important you have your say.

For more information and to voice your opinion visit the Magpies In Space forum and tell us what you think, alternatively, email us at


We have received some costing’s from Chorley FC vice-chairman Graham Watkinson, these are available in more detail on Magpies In Space.

Inflatable frost protection – £10,500.00

Flat sheet frost protection – £3,500.00

Pitch irrigation system – £11,400.00

New tarmac to internal car park only – £7,950.00

New roof on Duke Street End – £50k

New club roof being costed this week

Saturday postponement to a Tuesday usually cost anything up to 15% off the gate but usually adds to the take in the Magpies nest.