Meet the Manager – The Tweets

Meet the Manager – The Tweets

October 14, 2014 Event 0

For those who could not attend the Meet the Manager event we held at the beginning of the month, sickness  and don’t use Twitter, here are the Tweets (Start at the bottom and work your way up)

“I thank you for the support you give us. I appreciate the backing” – That concludes the Meet the Manager evening.

Garry on this season: “I try and win everyone game we play. Every year we go for promotion. We’re going to have a good season”

“Team spirit gets you a long way and I have that with my lads”

Smudge get’s around. He goes around the country being Garry’s eyes scouting opposition.

The pitch has been narrowed at Victory Park by 6inches. What a spot by a supporter!

Chris Simm has been training with the squad tonight. He has not officially signed but he may be brought in soon.

“I don’t think Daz and Josh have set off like they did at the end of last season.”

Flitcroft happy with Jack Lynch and he has good ability.

“A lot of people helping out, it’s a strong club”

“You’ve got to be full time if you want to get out of that conference.” Flitcroft on going full time if we go up this season.

“In my time here there’s not many times I can say my lads don’t work hard and give it all they’ve got.”

“Wasn’t happy with them at Worcester. Wasn’t happy with them at Barrow, we played it too long”

A point well made. Not many people have turned up tonight, that’s a sign that Garry is doing a grand job and no one here to complain!

Garry admits that Shelton Payne is “the one that got away”. Come back Shelts?!

“When I sign a player I usually watch them 4/5 times. When I’m desperate for a player, I rely on my contacts”

Garry is happy with the FA Cup draw against . He acknowledges that it’s not going to be easy. Expected a large following.

Flitcroft on injured players gaining match fitness… “I might send to Eagley” – He might make the bench!

“For some seasons we have been talking about a reserve team” – Maybe one for the future?

Flitcroft on squad rotation “I like to keep a settled side”

Flitcroft mentions how will be a great re-addition to the squad when he has fully recovered.

The Gaffer is happy with the squad we have. “It’s a strong squad”. Maybe one more addition.

has been outstanding since his arrival”. Flitcroft also mentions will do well for us this season.

Garry speaks highly of all his squad as a whole. Speaking about new signings he is happy with the way they have settled into the squad.

A quick mention on the refereeing at this level. “They are improving slightly”

Garry see’s and as strong rivals this season. However, he says he fancies beating anyone at VP