Memberships now open!

Memberships now open!

May 23, 2014 Member News 0

2014/2015 memberships are now open!

After a very successful season on the pitch last term there was also a good one off it with Chorley Supporters Trust registering 100 members in their first season and we hope that to rise dramatically in the next campaign.

What has the Trust done for you?

One of the major concerns around Victory Park in the last few years was the inability to not hear important information such as if you have won the 50/50 or golden goal! The Trust set out to upgrade the system we had at Victory Park and this was achieved by various fundraisers. The system we now have in place was acquired from premierleague ground, visit this Anfield.

Towards the end of the season the Trust was approached by the board of Chorley Football Club regarding signing a player which they believed would help the club reach their goal of promotion. The old Magpies Trust formed a squad development fund which had donations put into it every month by very few supporters. This fund was then used as part of the signing on fee for Chris Almond.

It was brought to our attention at the beginning of the season that access into the social club at Victory Park was not as efficient as it could have been, especially for those who are confined to a wheelchair or whom find it difficult walking up steps. Supporter and member of the Trust, Nigel Dawson, was the main person involved in getting disabled access into the social club improved. Chorley Supporters’ Trust therefore with the help of other supporters fundraised for the ramp at Victory Park.

Why should I join the Trust?

Joining Chorley Supporters Trust gives you a say in how the organisation is run and in what direction we as a supporters group take in the future. All decisions that are made within the Trust are brought to our members either via a vote at the monthly meeting or a majority vote of all our registered full members.

How do I join?

To join Chorley Supporters’ Trust and further information then visit our “Join us” page.


2013/2014 members of Chorley Supporters’ Trust will receive a membership form in the post within the next few days.


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