Win a free seat to Whitby Town

Win a free seat to Whitby Town

April 16, 2014 Coach travel 0

The season is almost over for us non-league supporters. What a thrilling 8 months it has been with some fantastic ups and the upsetting downs but it is not quite over with yet as we still have to travel to the likes of Whitby Town and Buxton whilst facing Marine at home in between. The Supporters Trust have run an away coach to every game away from Victory Park this season and we would like to firstly thank each and every one of you who have supported it. Part of the away travel experience for the second half of this season has been the “entertainment” which has included raffles and quizzes, there with these small events we have managed to either break even or make a slight profit on the coaches this season.

With Whitby Town being our last long trip of the season, we have decided that we would give you a chance to win a free seat to the game. On the journey there will be a quiz that will cost £1 to enter. The winner of this quiz will be refunded their seat price in full – Added to this is another raffle giving you the chance to win free admission into the Turnbull Ground for the game. So for a £2 bet you have a chance of getting to and into the game for FREE!

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Depart: From Duke Street at 10am
Seats: £14 for CST Members, £15 for Non Members and £12 for Under 16

To book your seats please call Cath Still on 07866 774624


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