CST Updates

CST Updates

February 12, 2014 Latest News Website 2

Something at Chorley Supporters’ Trust that we believe in is that everyone knows what exactly we are doing and what we plan on doing to help the football club progress both on the field and around the ground. Hopefully you will have noticed the new PA System that is in operation at Victory Park. Massive thanks goes out to Chorley Supporters’ Trust members and other supporters for their hard work with raising the money needed to purchase this vital piece of equipment for the ground.

When the original Magpies Trust was formed, adiposity the founding members created a special fund which would only be made to helped develop the squad and help the Magpies on their venture through the football leagues. The “Development Fund”, ed as it was called, treat was used to help sign Terry Fearns in 2009 and more recently we have used this fund to help secure the services of Southport striker Chris Almond to help Garry with the push for promotion.

Our next project for the Victory Park ground is to make the social club accessable for everyone. We have acknowledged that the disabled access into Victory Park’s social club is not up to the standards that it should be so we at Chorley Supporters’ Trust have decided to get this sorted and install a disabled ramp. More details about this will appear soon!

To help you know exactly what is discussed and what is happening around the Trust we are making ALL of our meeting minutes and newsletter public on this website for anyone to see.

And finally, we currently have 94 members of Chorley Supporters’ Trust! Thank you to everyone who has joined us this season.


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