Member Count

Full Members: 216

Junior Members: 26

Why Join the Trust

This is a question constantly asked year and year to board members and the answer is not something that can be answered in terms of a product or even a service but below we have detailed some of the advantages of being a Trust member and why we think you should join us in working together for the greater good of Chorley Football Club now and in the near future.

At the present time, medical Chorley Supporters Trust does not own a share in the football club but with your support we aim to change this. Keep an eye out for updates on how we can take control of our club, store it is our main aim.

Chorley Supporters Trust have managed to set up various events throughout the year such as:

  • Fundraising nights; Quiz nights, clinic  Casino nights, Dart nights and even Sportsmans dinners have all proved popular as are the
  • Fans Forums which are held at the Chorley Group Victory Park stadium. Giving the fans a chance to put their questions towards our the club Chairman and Manager.

Since the amalgamation of Chorley Supporters Club and the Magpies Trust in 2013 we have managed to fund raise towards the cost of improvements around Victory Park.

  • October 2013: A new PA system was installed around Victory Park.
  • May 2014: The long awaited disabled access ramp into the social club was used for the first time at the Thirsty Magpie Beer Festival

After being discussed at the meetings, the Trust has also supported events run by the football club in the form of sponsorship or the purchase of tickets.

  • Sponsoring a barrel at the beer festival each year.
  • Buying a number of 200 club tickets
  • Donations towards the Crowdfunder campaign in March 2015.

In addition your Trust Board will communicate with you via this website, via a monthly e-newsletter (Make sure you have provided us with your current email address!) or printed if you prefer. All full members (those who are 16 and over) are entitled to cast a vote at our monthly meetings and more importantly at our annual election process where you will select the people who will represent you on the Trust Board. All adult members are of course eligible to stand for election to the Trust Board. The other benefits you get for being a member are:

  • Free room hire – Chorley Football Club have very kindly decided to allow members of the Trust free room hire of the social club. Do you have a birthday, christening or even a wedding on the horizon? The social club can cater all those needs.
  • 5% discount on merchandise – Trust members are entitled to a 5% discount on purchases over £35. If you are already a season ticket holder then you already have access to this saving – The two cannot be combined.
  • Become a match day mascot – At each monthly meeting we will do a draw for the Junior members to win the chance to become match day mascot at a game of their choosing. A great incentive to get the little ones to join.
  • Sponsors Lounge Draw – Like last year, at our monthly meetings we will give one member the prize of going under the main stand to take part in being a sponsor for the day. A prize fit for two.
  • Player of The Month vote – You can cast a vote of who you think deserves the PoTM award.
  • Share in the Trust – Each member has a share of Chorley Supporters Trust, this gives you the right to a vote on all legal matters that the Trust needs to attend to. (Please note, an under 16 cannot become a full member of the Trust as they cannot hold a share due to legal reasons).

We hope that you seriously consider being part of Chorley FC Supporters Trust as together we can make a difference within our club.